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Dr. Juanita Woodson, the CEO and founder of Impact Development Foundation Inc., a 501c(3) non-profit organization. IDFI is a hub for many community service programs that include basic needs assistance, counseling, family advocacy, mental wellness group coaching, financial literacy education and more. She is also a pastor, author, coach, and entrepreneur with a renowned prophetic voice. she has a deep passion for encouraging and healing the broken. Dr. Woodson believes in the life-changing power of prayer and practical principle application.

Dr. Woodson is no novice to the mission fields. Over the last two decades, she has traveled across the country and the world helping to build and fortify the lives of thousands of people. She successfully stewards her coaching cohorts which train leaders how to be their best at influence and building others.

As a wife and mother, Dr. Woodson has spent years learning to balance the many hats she wears. She is an author, counselor, wealth coach, and public speaker. She and her husband are also serial entrepreneurs, committed to building legacies for their children and grandchildren. In her entrepreneurial career, among other things.

Dr. Woodson owns a publishing company, and has authored over 10 books.

Inspire. Empower. Lead.

Dr. Juanita Woodson

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Juanita Woodson is a renowned motivational speaker, coach, author, and mentor. She specializes in empowerment, trainings, and leadership development, helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential.

No ONE succeeds alone.

It takes a coach who is specially trained to break cycles of bondage, defeat and limitations to reveal the next place of freedom! What I know for sure is that EVERYBODY needs someone in their corner with the right strategy and game plan that will result in WINS! Therefore, it takes the right coach and the right players to win championships.

My coach is actively involved in my life and I have several mentors that also pour into me. Everybody needs somebody and this is why it’s time to seize every opportunity of success!

Understand that a skilled and gifted coach can see things others can’t and can help to discover the DIRECTION they should go in—FASTER and with LESS MISTAKES AND PAIN!

As the Chain Breaker, I’m committed to coach and mentor PERSONALLY by walking together with clients through the necessary steps to reveal their GREATNESS! It’s what I LOVE to do!

The most satisfaction I get as a coach is when I help others to SUCCEED. It’s tremendously satisfying to see my students and mentees get their BREAKTHROUGH and be put on a path of success.

Knowing that I played an impactful role in their newfound freedom…

There’s nothing better.


Dr. Juanita Woodson offers a range of services to support your personal and professional growth. From keynote speaking to online coaching, she is dedicated to helping you unlock your potential and thrive.

Keynote Speaking

Dr. Juanita Woodson coaches her clients and students on how to deliver impactful messages that inspire and motivate audiences. Her online coaching sessions provide personalized guidance and support to help you achieve your goals.

Leadership Training

Dr. Juanita Woodson offers leadership trainings year-round, aimed at assisting individuals in becoming influential thought leaders. These trainings focus on empowering participants to lead with purpose and make a lasting impact in their respective fields. Through a comprehensive curriculum, participants gain essential skills in effective communication, strategic thinking, and problem-solving.

The trainings also provide valuable opportunities for networking and collaboration with like-minded individuals, fostering a supportive community of aspiring thought leaders. By participating in these trainings, individuals not only enhance their leadership abilities but also gain the confidence and knowledge needed to inspire and motivate others.

With the guidance and expertise provided in these trainings, participants are equipped to navigate complex challenges and drive positive change in their organizations and beyond.

Dr. Juanita Woodson's powerful message has changed my life. Her passion and expertise are truly inspiring.

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Working with Dr. Juanita Woodson has been a transformative experience. Her guidance and support have helped me grow both personally and professionally.

Dr. Juanita Woodson's leadership development program has had a profound impact on my career. I highly recommend her services.

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Talana Burns

Kelly Gifford