It's Time for An Oil Change

Maintenance is necessary for a vast majority of things in our lives. We get our oil changed after we have driven our vehicles a number of miles to prevent a negative impact on our cars. When seasons change, such as in winter months, we may have certain checks to ensure our car can withstand the biting cold. Tread checks for tires may be necessary for a scorching hot summer to prevent a blow out. I’m sure there are many things that one can think of where you may need to provide standard upkeep in order for things to continue to run smoothly. Our relationship with God needs to be maintained as well. If we fail to do so, just as when our cars are neglected or something goes wrong the “maintenance required” light may come on.

Oftentimes this can be why we feel spiritually frustrated or a feeling of non progression spiritually when maintenance is required. It is important to maintain our relationship with God daily. We need to be operating with fresh oil at all times. We have to make sure our prayer life, word life and fasting life are maintained. Too many of us are trying to operate off of old oil or worse somebody elses oil. Would you drain oil from somebody elses car and use it in yours? Most likely not. The same should be for the level of anointing we operate in. We can't be trying to make it off somebody elses prayer and seeking a word fron somebody when God wants to deal with you personally. He wants us to press in His presence and hear what He is saying to us.

He wants the fervency of your prayers to take you to another level in Him. Don't get me wrong, there are times when we may solicit the prayers of another warrior but we have to keep our own oil fresh as well. You can ensure that God will keep you sharp in the spirit when we are keeping our lives spiritually maintained. Make sure you are keeping your oil changed. Maybe you just have not been consistent and just need a tune up? Or have things been neglected for so long that now that “maintenance is required”? Do what is necessary to maintain and grow your relationship with the Lord today.

Don't become frustrated trying to operate with old oil. What is equally important is that you don't want to contaminate others by operating with old oil. Somebody's deliverance is depending on your oil. Seek Him daily. He is waiting to anoint you with a fresh oil. But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn: I shall be anointed with fresh oil. (Psalm 92:10)

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