We Break Poverty off You

Demons of Lack and Poverty Manifest and attack when you Empower God's people about Wealth! But I'm a warrior! So WE PULL DOWN POVERTY AND THE ILLUSION OF LACK NOW IN JESUS NAME! YOU WILL LOOSE THESE PEOPLE! THEY WILL RECEIVE THEIR OVERFLOW AND RIGHTFUL INHERITANCE! Men and women of God ITS YOUR TIME FOR OVERFLOW!!! Somebody's mind is going to be released today to believe again! God can and will exceed your expectations!

Money matters to God whether you believe it or not! Churches fight over doctrines and religiosity while satan robs God's people Blind! literally! The one with the money has the power to manipulate the majority! Both secular and spiritually! Wealth is a spiritual and natural flow of tangible POWER!

Whoever receives the revelation understands why it's not ok to barely make it or just have enough for yourself! Lack is selfishness pure and simple! God is expecting you to be wealthy and subdue the earth. The seven mountains are ours to dominate! (Please google the seven mountains) But just like the Israelites, they settled in a few places then stopped. They Never dominated all God had promised them.

So technically the enemy is all on our territory inhabiting our wealthy places. Spiritually, we have the ability to recover all of our inheritance! Go get it! Our children need better schools, television shows, music, government involvement, business development centers, hospitals, and much more!

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