If you feel weird when I say it, shame when I say it, embarrassed when I say it, uncomfortable and dirty when I say it, GOOD! That's the demon I'm after! GET OUT OF THEM AND LET THEM GO devil!!! IN THE NAME OF JESUS!! You cannot Hide!! Loose their minds, emotions, body and soul! NO MORE FEAR OF MONEY! NO MORE FEAR OF ABUNDANCE! YOU ARE WORTHY OF WEALTH! ITS YOUR INHERITANCE!!

I dismantle the lies of satan that tell you there's no way out of poverty and I cut the hands of poverty off of your mind! I speak to generational curses and serve you notice that your time is up the truth is revealed you have no legal right to stay in the believer whose reading! If they confess and agree that you must go, even now your power will be broken! I agree with them and stand for their freedom and legal rights to wealth in Jesus Name!

The Bible says in (Ecclesiastes 10:19) "Money answers ALL things" So tell me, Is this talking about heavenly money? Your spiritual money? Money laid up for you after you're dead? (Um you can't take money to heaven) No ma'am and no sir! This is talking about your earthly money! If you don't have money you don't have an answer! In other words you need to keep quiet about money matters because you can't help. If you read (Ecclesiastes 10:20) this scriptures says don't even speak bad about rich people in private because it will be recorded! You will have to answer for hating on wealthy people one day.

God is about to give somebody who's been struggling financially for a long time a voice!! You will be able to speak up and provide money to solve problems in your surroundings, in your family, in your community, and help nations and the world! There's going to be a release of global wealth upon you and your house! There's a Joseph's anointing going forth! Receive your mandate! Yes you!

Did Jesus really come to the poor simply to pat them on the back and tell them It'll be alright one day? Really?!? So you mean to tell me that Jesus healed the sick, raised the dead, open blinded eyes, casted demons out, saved lost souls, but gave hugs to the poor???

The devil is a LIAR!! Jesus read (Isaiah 61) in the synagogue and said He was here to FULFILL this scripture! They rejected this very same word including your prosperity! Why is everything literal but the prosperity part??? It's the same great lie that is being preached and taught. But Jesus himself became POOR that you might be RICH! (2 Corinthians 8:9) Not just a cozy happy poor person! Maybe that's why he said the poor would be with us always, because he knew some people won't believe. God's Word is alive and works naturally and spiritually!

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