It's time for you to make a "Shewbread Offering"

I was in prayer today and God revealed to me that His people where getting weary and tired. He showed me how the cares of life, situations and circumstances had worn out his people. He showed me how the heaviness was weighing them down and they seemed to have no more strength to fight, let alone praise. I could see the people of God were at wits end about the trouble that seemed to surround them on every side. The Lord showed me they had just a tiny bit of faith and hope left. They decided they would give up and throw in the towel as soon as that ran out and this was the last straw. They said unless a miracle happens it's all over.

God switched the scene in the vision and showed me Elijah at the widow woman's house. Elijah asked the woman to make him a cake to eat and the woman said she only had a little meal and a little oil "left" and she and her son was going to eat it and die. Elijah said "make me one first". The woman took all that she had left and gave it to Elijah to eat.

God said that it had become a shewbread offering unto Him, the highest level of sacrifice most Holy unto Him! He said tell my people who feel they can't and won't make it another day to give me "one last big Praise, Shout, Holler and Worship!" It will take EVERYTHING THEY GOT LEFT but I promise to show up!! It is "shewbread" unto me! I will deliver, I will show up, I will make away out of no way, I will heal, I will answer prayer, I will come in and commune with you! I will thrust you into your promised land, your victory, and your deliverance is now! I will remove the reproach and the curse, I will turn back the hand the devil! Trust me one last time, believe one more time, depend on me one more time, put your faith in me one more time! I'm going to cause your eyes to see me says God, I'm going to cause my face to be revealed to you and you'll never be the same. Your situation will never be the same!

**More Info on the Shewbread Offering** The word shewbread means "the bread of the presence of God" and also "the face of God" and also "to see God." It was a means for God to dwell in the midst of man and share in intimacy by eating a meal together. After dabbing it with oil and frankincense the priest ate the shewbread in the presence of God. The table for the bread offering was overlaid with pure gold which represented the divine nature of God and all things reserved for God alone. Jesus was the "bread of heaven" come down to earth to save us by offering himself a sacrifice. When we see Jesus we have seen God!

When you offer God a sacrifice of praise in the midst of your fire of hardship and tribulations, He smears His anointing oil on you and you become "shewbread" most Holy unto God, the Glory of God breaks forth and you receive the abundance of God, the healing of God, the breakthrough of God, the deliverance of God, the sustaining power of God and most importantly you get to See God's face! Seeing Gods face means receiving divine incite to the mind, will and desires of God. To know what God knows is priceless and costs you EVERYTHING! You might as well give God that last praise! The next praise will be in the Promise Land!!

Scripture ref-1 Kings 17:7-16, Leviticus 24:5-8, Exodus 25:23-30 John 6:35, Hebrews 10:11-14

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