3rd & 4th Prayer Watch

God has been waking many of you up early In the morning. You don't know why but you can't sleep. There's a reason! If you WAKE up at 3-4:00AM each morning, you are called to 4th watch of intercession! Get up and pray for the nation, the church, Gods leaders and whatever God puts on your heart! It's called the 4th watch and usually lasts from 3-6 AM but you may be woken up for at least "one hour" of prayer!

The "witching hour" is the 3rd watch between the hours of 12-3AM. That's when they do their spells and curses. But the fourth watch is "open heaven" time when you can reverse curses and plots of the enemy! Please obey and pray!

Matthew 14:25, Matthew 24:43, 2Kings 9:17-18, Exodus 12:29-37

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