Office of the Prophet

Office of the Prophet 101-I'm going to do a teaching on how a prophet should listen for God. There are different postures for different prophetic "levels" of a prophet.


If you deal heavily in personal prophecy, you must be elevated in the prophetic realm to prophecy on a "national" level. Personal prophecy, community prophecy, and/or regional prophecy requires you to be in a spiritual posture or level according to your obedience and faith level to God. God has to TRUST you to promote you!

1. Even when you are elevated your prophetic gift must go through another level of purification and that includes extreme 🔥. If you skip the refining fire because you have a large following or you can drop names or you just don't want to suffer, you will not be open to that level of the prophetic.

2. A national Word takes an elevated posture of the prophet and His/Her prayer and supplication level! Yes you must have a "fasting" lifestyle. For example Jesus the model prophet for all fasted 40 days before his prophetic ministry began,Moses fasted 40 days before receiving 10 commandments, Daniel fasted 21 days for the answer for a nation, Ezra fasted when Israel angered God after being set free from the Babylonians, Esther called a 3 day fast for the ENTIRE nation, David called SEVERAL national or kingdom fasts before hearing God, Paul fasted 40 days after his conversion and went to write 2/3 of the New Testament which is "prophecy", etc. The list goes on

There are NO SHORT CUTS to the office of the prophet! Stay in your lane and be the best on your level until elevation comes for you! Satan will send attacks to stop the true word from getting to you. AND You will suffer persecution and go through the furnace of affliction if you desire to go higher! Period

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