God Has Opened the Door

God has Opened the Door!** I was just in prayer and God revealed to me that He has opened a door that was shut against His people. As I listened to God waiting for more revelation, a deep worship came over me and I fell to my knees. While on my knees I began to see a door and a line of many many people waiting to enter. A deeper worship hit me and I knew God wanted me totally prostrate in His presence. As I lay there weeping, I could see floating signs above the heads of Gods people. One sign read "wants to buy a house", another read, "wants to go to school", another read, "need an opportunity for business", another read, "wants to move forward with life", another read, "wants to be delivered." The line was very long and as I saw the floating signs above them I realized they were unanswered prayers and they were finally about to be granted! I sat up and wept!

As I looked ahead of the line to the open door I noticed a man in a white robe in front. He was first in line and just then God spoke and said "This time I'm leading them in. They will no longer say that I wasn't with them. I will see them through holding their hand." I fell to the floor again under the anointing as God said "I'm HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, HOLY is the Lamb of God!" He said, "No one deserves what I'm doing, but I'm doing it because I'm Holy and I care for my people!"

You need to grab this word it is truly the time of the open door! Miracles are about to happen!

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