God Says He Loves You

***God said He Does LOVE You!*** God spoke to me just now and said "He's about to do it just for you!" This next blessing is Especially for You! The Lord said many of you have been going through very hard situations and wondering if God even loves you. You feel as though God is not concerned with the issues that you are facing and continue to face daily. Everyday you're going through the motions of saving face in public, at work, in church, and at home, trying to make it through each day in one piece! You feel as though you are left to fend for yourself dealing with circumstances far out of your control and reach! The slow response of God has made you feel loveless and forgotten about. For some of you the kids are out of control, your spouse is out of control, the finances are out of control, and or your ministry is out control.

But God told me to tell you. "This next breakthrough blessing coming your way is PERSONAL!" He said He promised to never leave you nor forsake you, He said He promised to be with you until the end of the world, He said this was simply a trust test! How much do you really trust me? Now it appears that God is late but don't worry He's always right on TIME! I saw and felt Gods people in the spirit walking around feeling defeated and ready to give up. They were shrugging their shoulders saying "I guess It's over." The situation appears to be too far gone but God said "Watch me work it out!" Who said it's too hard for Me? Who said its all over? Who said I can't do it now? I am reminded of Lazarus being dead beyond the usual time someone can be revived. But Jesus didn't come to revive Lazarus he came to resurrect him! If He would of revived Lazarus the same sickness would have been there, but because He resurrected Lazarus everything that was wrong with him had to stay dead and he got up brand new! That dead situation and circumstance will resurrect brand new despite the enemy saying it's too late! The enemy has to shut his mouth now! God is speaking

Trust me says God, don't lean to your own understanding. You don't know what I'm doing for you. It's not over until I say it's over, says God! I'm God and nothing stands between my love for you! I will do this one in love! You want to know if I really love you and if I really care? Watch how I fix this for you! Just believe in Me says God I got your back and I am with you forever more! God is healing it right now, He's moving the hinderance now, He's fixing the finances now, He's touching the children now, He's dealing with your spouse now, He's moving on the ministry now, He's making the way out now! Just receive it! Let God arise and your enemies be scattered!

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