Ex-Church Affiliated Curses

God revealed to me today that many of the people of God are suffering from being spiritually connected at one time or another to churches who operated under spirits of witchcraft, religion, and false doctrine. Even though you left the church and was led to another one, there may be ungodly spirits that followed you and continue to oppress you, your finances, your family, your ministry and your future.

FYI-If your leader knowingly preached your business, refused to give you prophetic words you knew he/she was supposed to, purposely held back your ministry, told you to sow seed when God told you no, forced you to honor man made denominations, told you he's your prophet and you don't need to hear from God, won't release you to marry for selfish reasons, makes you neglect your kids for ministry, tells you God will tell them when it's time for you to have a ministry-->You need deliverance! You must come out of alignment with that ministry and verbally set yourself free from the bondage of those demons. Whenever you submit yourself under the authority of a disobedient and ungodly leader, you become available to demonic attack and oppression! You MUST "unsubmit" or reverse that thing in the spirit realm to see a release!

Sometimes God will send you in as a prophet or apostle to correct errors in leadership and in that case, God covers you. But if you unknowingly was submitted to leadership that was later revealed to be in disobedient to God and you were led to leave, you must denounce that ministry out of your life! Tell every Jezebel, Python, witchcraft, lying, jealous, Saul, false prophet, false religion, backbiting, disobedient, financial curse, marriage curse, death, lack, poverty, judgmental (etc) spirit from that church(es) to leave you in Jesus's Name and not to come back! Then tell God you come out of alignment with that ministry and its demons and you get back into alignment with His Will for you, your family and your future!

I know people who have been miserable and defeated because a church leader/pastor spoke negativity over them many years ago for various selfish reasons! By the time they left the church they were still spinning their wheels and experiencing minimal breakthroughs. It's time to Get free people of God! Sit down and go through the deliverance process in your private time and dis-align, detach, and reverse every curse, hex, and ungodly tie to any ministry you attended, sowed seed into, and served under that operated in error!

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