The Judas Kiss

Let Judas kiss you and your good friend Peter deny ever knowing you! It'll hurt real bad but give it 3 days! They thought it was over for you and that your name was ruined forever. They counted you out because of your trials and tribulations. They didn't understand your wide scale rejection! They didn't understand your pain and loneliness. They were too afraid to stand by your side in public! They had to pretend they weren't acquainted with you! They left you all on your own! They said you were nothing to them! But God chose you and qualified you, He established you, He believed in you, He never left you , He never denied you, and He never stopped loving You!

They're just getting you ready for your New Glory and Divine elevation! They are Preparing your Platform for all the world to see! You shall be revealed and the Glory of the Lord shall rise upon you! It's your time to go higher, to be elevated and to do Real Kingdom Work! Let that old glory die, the local ministry you had, the national ministry, that old business those old relationships die! Give it 3 days to live again! Yes, you did some miracles and healed the sick, helped a few folk, paid some people's bills, but Now it's Global Expansion time! Let it die and be resurrected Brand New! You about be known around the World! Embrace Judas and let Peter know it'll be alright in 3 days!! What does give it 3 days mean? The death of the old you, the burial of the old you, and the resurrection of the New and Improved YOU!

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