Deliverance Devotional For Women

The Deliverance Devotional for Women is a book designed to help women who have suffered from all types of issues stay focused in their low moments of temptation. What temptation?  The temptation to relieve the pain in ways that you were delivered from.  Women have a unique capacity for pain and suffering and if we are are not careful we will begin to nurse something that needs to be reversed!


This book is designed to help women keep track of their emotional climate and atmosphere. You must have prepared yourself prior to the moment you feel an onset of attack . An unprepared warrior should never enter a war. You need to have the tools handy that can pull you up out of emotional snares sent by the enemy!


Get ready to stay free from bondages that were designed to destroy you and your family. The woman has the ability to build her home and keep it safe from harm. You are the Proverbs 31 Woman! Get your war clothes on!

Deliverance Devotional for Women
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Deliverance Devotional for Women
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